Lights Camera Auction!

This past year, COVID-19 has taken a big hit on many communities, both financially and emotionally.  Events that are normally done in person, are now being done virtually- but that does not minimize the importance of them.

For the past 29 years, Holy Family School has held a dinner, dance and auction, which is the primary fundraiser for the school.    Normally we would be inviting over 200 people from the community to share in raising money for the vision and mission of our school.  This year however, we will need to hold an auction virtually.  Even though we are not gathering in person, the reason for this auction is more important than ever.  Extra expenses during the pandemic and loss of other fundraising events have made the auction revenue a priority.

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Holy Family Raffle

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HF Raffle

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Donate a Basket

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Donate an item from Amazon!

Visit Amazon and search wedding registry.   Under “Find a registry”, type in “Holy Family”.

Select Holy Auction and Lights 2021.

Donate a Gift Card

Also, remember you can use Scrip!  After you receive your gift cards, then just drop off at the school office!

This year all orders should be placed electronically at or in the RaiseRight app; payment can be made electronically or by check.  Please see the flyer in the green folder to get started. 

Electronic Order

  • Order physical gift cards, e-gift cards or reload an existing gift card
  • Pay by check or Presto Pay (ACH/direct debit)
  • Orders for physical gift cards placed by 11am Friday will be filled and sent home in the green folder the following Thursday. E-gift cards or reloads are available for use immediately.
  • Visit for more information. Set up your account using Holy Family’s enrollment code: 7L63E1EE7541.


Contact Kris Brienza at