Holy Family Athletics…

are proud to give student athletes  the ability to participate in sports.  Both girls and boys in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in volleyball, basketball, and track.

Holy Family Athletics are committed to participation, fellowship, learning and developing a positive school spirit, and most of all, to have fun.

Winter Athletics- Postponed 

The upcoming winter athletic (basketball) season for Elementary School and Parish-Based Athletics, as governed under Policy 6145.2, has been postponed until January 4, 2021.  No games, practices, or organized team activities may occur prior to January 4, 2021.   Please note the following important factors:

  • The January 4, 2021 start date is not a guarantee that the season will happen.  Circumstances may dictate a further delay or cancellation.  However, parishes and schools may move forward with planning for the season.
  • Protocols and procedures to be strictly followed for practices and games are being developed and will be published by November 1, 2020.  These will be consistent with, and in alignment with, protocols and procedures currently used by parishes and schools.
  • Parishes and schools will be able to opt out of playing in the upcoming season.  A final date to indicate whether the parish and school will participate or not will be forthcoming.
  • Parishes and schools will be able to decline the use of their facilities for the season, even if they choose to allow their students to participate.   A final date to indicate whether the parish and school will or will allow their facility to be used will be forthcoming.