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Home and School Association
The mission of the Home and School Association is to promote the welfare and enrichment of Holy Family Parish School; to encourage cooperation between parents, teachers, and staff in the adoption and implementation of Home and School-sponsored projects and programs; to raise funds for enrichment programs and events; and to foster a parent community which will advocate, establish, and oversee supplementary opportunities in social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical education. Membership is open to all Holy Family Parish School parents and/or guardians.


Everyone is welcome to attend Home & School meetings. They are held at 6:30 p.m. in the School Library once a month.  Check the school calendar for the next meeting.

Current Board

  • Tricia Valentine, President
  • Lisa O’Connell, Vice President
  • Kelli Falk, Treasurer
  • Beth Blystone, Secretary


Home and School By-Laws

HF Reimbursement Request Form