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Friendships Built on Faith

One of the greatest success stories at Holy Family Parish School is our Guardian Angel program.  It unites our community in a special way that impacts our students for the rest of their lives.  Friendships are created, bonds are built, and memories are made.

The Guardian Angel program started in 1993  and is still going strong today.  The program matches students from grades K4-3rd with students from grades 4-8th.  What makes this program at Holy Family unique is that the same students are together for the entire year.  This allows them to get to know each other much better and build a stronger bond.

“I think the Angel program gives the older child a sense of responsibility for the younger child and a chance to be a good role model.  The younger child can feel a sense of security and a sense of belonging.  Children seem to enjoy the friendship that develops with their Angel,” says K5 teacher Laura Smith.

Each week, the “big angel” takes the “little angel” to school mass.  They sit together, sing together and pray together.  The students also get together several times a month outside of mass.

They get together to work on service projects, such as packing boxes of food for the school’s House of Peace service project.  And they also get together to have fun together.  The big angels read, play games and have holiday parties with the little angels.

The Guardian Angel program starts at Holy Family School, but doesn’t end there.  When alumni are asked about their experience, they still remember it as a very special memory.

“I always remember thinking it was so fun and feeling so privileged to be at recess with them and sitting on the steps of the school during recess.  As the younger children, we felt so cool to have our older Guardian Angels hang out with us when they technically were not assigned to us because it was not officially church time.” says 1998 HFPS alumni Lindsee (Lazarevic) Olman,  “Our angles were always so good to us. It is such a great program.”